Welcome to the MI Charter Mastermind Network

An online community for charter professionals to grow, share and innovate.

About the Mastermind Network

The MI Charter Mastermind Network is a is a digital community built to connect charter educators from every corner of the Mitten, bridging physical distance to foster conversation, collaboration, problem solving and professional development - in a way that leads our movement to work together to solve tomorrow’s biggest K-12 challenges.

Powerful Professional Learning

We believe that educators and students are invaluable resources - and that the strength of our movement lies in our ability to adapt, innovate and continue pushing the boundaries of education to make school work for all learners. Inside our Network, you'll find everything from engaging digital sessions, to informative articles, and even some digital courses built for charter school leaders, teachers, board members and advocates - which offer access not only to amazing content experts, but also to a digital community of like-minded professionals who seek to build relationships and work through big challenges together.

Networking & Collaboration

When it comes to connecting you with expert Masterminds to help expand your knowledge, challenge your thinking and encourage personal growth, we feel that the best resources are your fellow charter educators. Our Network is home to several resources that allow you to engage (peer to peer) around key topics like trauma and poverty, COVID-19 preparedness, student transition and more - we even offer regional "Hubs" where you can be fully immersed in a local community of like-minded professionals, asking questions, sharing insights and meeting virtually.